Real Estate Brokers – Approved for Registration Without Examination

List of Approved Applicants for Registration Without Examination as Real Estate Brokers Per Board Res. No. 03 dated October 19, 2010 & Board Res. No. 04 dated Nov. 5, 2010 Series of 2010.

Abad, Cenon Jr Cayetano
Abao, Lady Jane Ocio
Abarca, Corazon Villapando
Abelardo, Milagros Socorro Limguango
Abellar, Araceli Taguba
Abellare, Elinor Abaga
Aberle, Rizaldy Acenita
Abueg, Ma Teresa Torneros
Acosta, Roberto Jose Henzon
Adricula, Machelle Laserna
Advincula, Edgardo Arcaya
Aguilar, Grace Rogero
Aguiluz, Richard Praferosa
Agustin, Daisy Torres
Agustin, Reinaldo Ferrer
Agutaya, Catherine Esguerra
Alcantar, Maria Teresa Merto
Alcaraz, Yolanda Ordeñez
Alcasid, Liza Mamaradlo
Aldaba, Ramon Hemedes
Alday, Albert Singson
Alicaway, Suzanne Damasco
Aliento, Rommel Paruan
Alilin, Dexter Alcalde
Allego, Michelle Calixtro
Almadrones, Reneberto Poblete
Almazan, Luningning Ngo
Alon, Lolita Galarosa
Alonso, Erlinda Garcia
Alvarez, Carolina Quianzon
Alvarez, Ruben Fortuno
Amazona, Maria Dalisay Balansag
Amis, Robert Mansanero
Ancheta, Geraldine Bagasino
Andal, Merlita Balbuena
Ang, Avelina Lee
Ang, Dionisio Sales
Angeles, Ernest Lawrence Tabaquero
Angeles, Ernesto Morillo
Antiporda, Modesta Varsobia
Aparicio, Alex Escandor
Aparicio, Angelina Romero
Aquino, Bernard Pineda
Aquino, Ethel Manuela Alvarez
Aquino, George Joseph Barayuga
Aquino, Maria Evelyn Manangan
Arainado, Maribeth Bollazos
Ardiente, Virgilia Mercado
Arejola, Victorino Monteiro
Arellano, Angelita Mesina

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